VT-420 Visual ODS Pro™

The Visual ODS Pro™ package combines all of the features of theVisual ODS™ package with the features of the VES-3000 Signal Processing option.  The Signal Processing option includes an FFT for analyzing data in either the time or frequency domain, plus waveform cut, copy and paste, and many other signal processing features.

Signal Processing Features

  • Simultaneous FFT & IFFT on all measurements in a Data Block. The FFT will transform any number of samples, and is not restricted to a power-of-2
  • Integration & differentiation of time or frequency signals
  • Cut, Copy & Paste of time or frequency signals
  • DC Removal of time or frequency signals
  • Sort & Select waveforms
  • Notch & Band windows for removing unwanted data from time or frequency waveforms
  • Force and exponential windows to remove noise and leakage from impulse response measurements
  • A flat top window for obtaining accurate narrow band signal amplitudes
  • A Hanning window for minimizing leakage effects in frequency spectra
  • Calculation of Fourier Spectra, Auto Spectra, PSDs & ODS FRFs from time domain operating data
  • Signal processing includes, Rectangular, Hanning, or Flat Top time domain windows, triggering, linear or peak hold spectrum averaging, and overlap processing
  • ODS FRFs can be calculated either from Auto & Cross Spectra or from Transmissibility’s and reference Auto Spectra
  • Order-tracked ODS’s can be displayed directly from multi-channel Order-tracked response only data
  • Block Math functions include complex scaling, add, subtract, multiply, divide, conjugate, and more
  • Units conversion and scaling between Linear (RMS) and Power (MS)
  • Measurement scaling between Peak, Peak to Peak, and RMS
  • Waveform statistics (Minimum, Maximum, Mean Squared, RMS, Variance, Standard Deviation, Absolute Deviation, Power, Linear Power, Crest Factor, Skew, Kurtosis)

Shape Processing Features

  • Shape Integration & differentiation
  • Shape Cut, Copy & Paste
  • Sort & Select of shapes and shape components (DOFs)
  • Calculates a shape product, for locating nodal points and lines among all shapes