VT-710 Visual Acoustics™

The Visual Acoustics™ package includes all of the features of theVisual ODS™ package, plus the features of the VES-6000 Acousticsoption.  With this package, you can post-process and display in animation Acoustic Intensity, Sound Pressure Level (SPL), Sound Power, and ODS’s from either Octave or Narrow Band measurements.  Vibro-acoustic data (acoustics & vibration), can be displayed on the same structure model, thus allowing you to correlate surface vibration with acoustic field measurements.

Visual Acoustics™ Features

  • Animated display of vibro-acoustic data (acoustic & vibration)
  • 1/1, 1/3rd, 1/12th, 1/24th octave band measurements are displayed in bar chart format
  • Magnitudes can be displayed in Linear, Log, dB, dB Reference units
  • Acoustic Intensity is calculated from Cross Spectra or time waveforms
  • Sound Power through a surface is calculated from Acoustic Intensity
  • Narrow band can be converted to octave band measurements
  • A, B & C weighting can be applied to narrow band or octave band measurements
  • Noise sources can be ranked in a bar chart based on percentage of overall, dB, or watts.
  • Measurements can be tone-calibrated, using tone magnitude & phase