Advanced Techniques for Drawing Models

This video illustrates the use of some of the advanced drawing capabilities in ME’scopeVES for creating 3D models. In it you will learn how to 1) download a model from the Vibrant Internet model store, 2) create part profiles from machine drawings, and 3) create 3D machine parts from 2D profiles.

The Visual STN™ package combines the features of the Visual ODS™ package with the features of all of the following Visual Engineering Series options:

  • VES-3000 Signal Processing
  • VES-3500 MIMO Modeling & Simulation
  • VES-4000 Basic Modal Analysis
  • VES-4500 Multi-Reference Modal Analysis
  • VES-4700 Operational Modal Analysis
  • VES-5000 Structural Dynamics Modification
  • VES-6000 Acoustics
  • VES-8000 Experimental FEA