Eddy Current Engine Dynamometers


SuperFlow offers a broad selection of technologically advanced eddy current absorbers which are ideal for precise engine testing. Low minimum load capabilities allow testing of very small engines, or larger engines running at very light loads and high speeds. Heat is dissipated by cooling water flowing through the stationary portion of the absorber. Rotating water seals have been eliminated. Bearings are pre-lubricated and rated for 5,000 hours of operation between servicing. Standard commercial load cells measure reaction torque for either direction of rotation. The double-ended main shaft may be fitted with a starter motor or used for dual engine connection. Speed is measured by a 60-tooth gear and hall effect sensor.

All SuperFlow dry gap eddy current absorbers can be interfaced with SuperFlow data acquisition and control systems for complete engine, dynamometer and throttle control. These systems integrate with personal computers running SuperFlow’s WinDyn software for expanded data storage and manipulation. SuperFlow offers complete turn-key system solutions with engine cooling heat exchangers, a variety of fuel systems, temperature and pressure sensors. Engine carts and dynamometer docking bases are optional. Power Absorbers are available in a wide range of torque and speed specifications. Please review the absorber models below and ask your Sales Engineer to to help you select the best absorber and design a complete dynamometer solution for your application.


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