Axiline 84000 Transmission Dyno


The perfect manual-shift dynamometer for light and heavy-duty truck transmissions. Tests Fuller, Meritor, Rockwell, Spicer, ZF and other manual transmissions. The 84000 E uses a 30 horsepower (90 lb/ft continuous, 180 lb/ft max. intermittent torque) input drive electric motor and tests from 0 to 2700 RPM. The eddy current load unit features variable control to simulate road conditions. At the push of a button the transmission gets a fresh-filtered fill of lube fluid from the tester’s reservoir. The unit comes with one (1) master adaptation plate for SAE 1-2-3 housings to mount virtually all manual truck transmissions. Optional plates available for other popular automotive manual transmissions. A remote-wired motor-interrupt switch momentarily removes power from the transmission for easy shifting. Tooling includes 6 input spline adapters from 11/8” to 2”, 14 outputs from 5c to 1810 and 3 adapter rings.


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