Hicklin Edect Transmission Dynamometer


The Hicklin® EDECT transmission dynamometer is designed for heavy-duty transmissions, including all inline, v-drive and angle drive configurations. The EDECT will test the entire family of Allison® transmissions, Dana/Spicer®, Voith®, ZF®, and Renk® transmissions plus many military and off-road applications like CAT® and Clark® The EDECT accommodates all sizes of off-highway transmissions, powershift and manual shift, including drop-box and remote mounted configurations. It comes standard with a 150 hp (112 kW) direct drive AC Electric motor which is controlled by a precise, variable frequency drive controller. The electric motor delivers full torque capacity from 0 to 4000 RPM bidirectional. The EDECT was designed for extreme versatility so it also easily accommodates several other motor sizes ranging from 100 hp to 2,000 hp should testing requirements specify a different power level.

Dynamic load control is achieved using an air-cooled eddy current load unit which can absorb up to 1,500 lbs-ft (2034 N-m) of torque. The eddy current load unit makes the entire operation nearly maintenance free (no hydrostatic oil… no filters… no leaks). It is also extremely reliable with just one moving part, the flywheel assembly. The eddy current load unit absorbs up to 800 hp (597 kW) intermittently and up to 200 hp (149 kW) continuously allowing you to perform true full throttle, load-induced downshifts. The load unit can actually push test transmissions into first gear and hold them there, even with the drive system set at full throttle. This creates a test integrity never before possible in service level equipment. Precise load control allows you to infinitely select everything from no-load to full-load with unmatched precision and the stability to perform pinpoint shift detection.

The EDECT’s standard SuperShifter Pro® software system gives the operator full digital control of both the dyno and the transmission from a simple laptop computer. The laptop is conveniently mounted on a movable tray so the operator can spot oil and pressure leaks, check hydraulic and system controls, and makes minor adjustments while the transmission is mounted on the tester. The EDECT can be upgraded with a WinDyn® Data Acquisition system for applications requiring high level data analysis and advanced testing capabilities.


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