For Flaw Detection, Thickness & Dimensional Measurement in Tube & Bar.

  • Versatile Ultrasonic tester with superior performance and versatile, intuitive operation.
  • For full inspection of tubes, pipes and bars, plate and weld.
  • Operate on or off line.
  • Upgrade and/or replace older ultrasonic testers.
  • Use with rotary, spin-the-tube, squirter and bubbler installations.
  • Vivid, real time, flicker free full color display of test signals, thresholds and settings.
  • Up to 32 independent channels in one instrument.
  • Model 6A is GE Qualified as of 9-6-16 for P3TF31 Class A & B, & P29TF82 Class A & B, typical requirements for nuclear and aerospace applications.

Building on the success and wide acceptance of earlier Echomac® models, the FD-6 and 6A achieve new levels of improved signal to noise ratio, finer adjustments, improved thickness resolution, repeatability, and reliability.


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