EMA Thickness Gauge NOVOTEST UT-3M-EMA


Electromagnetic-acoustic (EMA) thickness gauge UT-3M-EMA allows user to measure the thickness of metal products without of couplant, through a layer of coating or rust. This compares favorably with standard ultrasonic thickness gauges. It should also be noted that the EMA thickness gauge allows measuring thickness through a significant gap – up to 6 mm, thus it becomes possible to measure thickness without contact.

EMA thickness gauge UT-3M-EMA probe design includes a permanent magnet. Probe magnets with different strengths are installed into the probe depending on its type. The more powerful a magnet is used, the thicker the gap between the probe and the test object can be. However, the use of excessively strong magnets complicates the work of the operator, because of needs to install probe on the surface carefully and makes efforts to remove it from the test object. EMA NOVOTEST thickness gauge applied original circuit solutions, new modern high-performance FPGA chips, as well as digital signal processing techniques, which made it possible to obtain high sensitivity, a wide measurement range when using weak magnets.

Contactless thickness gauge is made in a durable and lightweight metal body. By special order, the thickness gauge can be made in dustproof and waterproof protection till IP65. The thickness gauge is equipped with high-capacity lithium-ion batteries, which made it possible to ensure a long battery life. By special order, the battery capacity can be further increased, which will allow up to 30 hours of operation from a single battery charge.


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